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Custom Security Integrated

Call today for a free quote | 817-599-4400

LIC: B19824  |  ACR: 1676102

Office Hours : M-F 9:00-5:00

CSI Alarm Kit

with Indoor Camera

2018 New Year Sale!

*Requires 36-Month monitoring contract.  Early termination and activation fees apply.  Enrollment in CSI Easy Pay required.  See terms and pricing here.

Get Started With:

Security Panel with Touch Screen

3 Door / Window Sensors

1 Motion Sensor

1 Indoor Camera

1 Key Fob


Installed For Only



A $549 VALUE!

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Our Mission


Your Custom Security Integrated Professional is committed to protecting you and your loved ones with the best products and service possible. Whether it's an emergency or simply a question about your system, your professional is here to provide help, protection and peace of mind.


Why CSI?

Your Protection Is Our Priority.

Personal Attention

Custom Security Integrated Professionals are committed to providing truly personalized, one-on-one service to every family or business. From the design of your system to the ongoing support you'll receive, we are dedicated to serving your individual needs.


You Have Our Commitment:

To install only the best, state-of-the-art security equipment with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

• To help you understand your security system and how to use it.

• To answer all your questions and provide outstanding, personalized customer service at all times.

• To ensure your peace of mind and satisfaction with every product and service we provide.


Rest assured... Your protection is our #1 priority.

Custom Security Integrated operates two of the most reputable, reliable Central Stations in the United States. We are not a “dealer” for any other security company and we do not sell your contract to other providers!  We know what it is like to truly feel like a valued customer and that is what we strive to provide to you.


The CSI Difference

Your rates are locked in for Life!*

• Our monitoring center will answer your call within 2 rings and we will answer with a live human being 24/7 365.

• You will hear from us after the sale!

• We are family owned!

• No Games, No Gimmicks, No Bait and Switch.

• We can customize any system to fit your budget.

• We are small enough to care but big enough to handle your business!


*Rates will not increase for same service.  Rates may increase if customer changes service levels.


Home Security

Secure your home before it's too late.

It's no secret that burglars target properties without security systems. In fact, police say that homes without alarms are 20 times more likely to be burglarized.* If you're not protected, that makes your home a target.


Why take the risk?

Custom Security Integrated can provide 24/7 protection against:


• Burglary    • Home Invasion

• Fire          • Carbon Monoxide


Plus, we offer a full line of Life Safety

Devices — providing additional protection Mobile Phone Picagainst life's most unexpected events, such as gas leaks, freezing pipes, water leaks and more.


24/7 monitoring. Total peace of mind.

Our award-winning, 24/7 monitoring center keeps your home protected at all hours of the day. When an alarm is triggered, our highly trained operators quickly dispatch emergency responders to your home.


Advanced, easy-to-use security systems.

Rest easy knowing your home is protected by the best security technology available today. You can set the exact level of security you want, or we can build a system based on your needs. It's simple to operate, and 100% secure.


*SOURCE: Portland Police Bureau

Business Security

Business Pic

Give your business the security it deserves.

Businesses throughout the U.S. lost $4.3 billion in 2007 as a direct result of burglary.* No matter what the size of your business, if you’re not protected, you risk losing everything.


Custom Security Integrated provides sophisticated solutions for any business or property, including:


• Fire


• Hold-up systems

• Access control

• 24/7 monitoring

• Elevator monitoring

• Industrial process monitoring

• Environmental control monitoring


Sophisticated protection for retail businesses, corporate offices and more.


Our Hold-Up/Panic Systems can summon help immediately, and can be activated without raising suspicion or placing you in any more danger.

Plus, with the addition of Closed Circuit TV cameras, you’ll have the entire event recorded, which will aid police with prosecution and tracking

stolen goods.


24/7 monitoring. Total peace of mind.

Our award-winning, 24/7 monitoring center keeps your business protected at all hours of the day.


Advanced, easy-to-use security systems.

Rest easy knowing your business is protected by the best security technology available today.


*SOURCE: FBI, 2016 Uniform Crime Report

Farm & Ranch

Deer at Fence Pic
Horse and Foal Pic
Gate Camera Pic

Gate Cameras.

Know when someone is at your gate and monitor live or receive live notification via your smart phone, Tablet or PC.  We have several options available to work with or without: power, Internet, phone connection, hard wired or wireless applications.







  * On select systems only. Please call for details.


  • No Power Required*
  • No Internet Required*
  • 24 Hour Monitoring*
  • Text / Email Notification*
  • Live View Availability*

Foaling / Stable  Cameras.

Have peace of mind to check on what matters to you. Leverage todays technology by utilizing the devices you probably already own and check in

live from anywhere at anytime.







* On select systems only. Please call for details.

  • Stay Out Of The Elements!
  • Monitor Your Staff
  • Check In Live 24 / 7
  • Text / Email Notification*




Perimeter Cameras.

Detect poachers or damage in even the most remote locations of your ranch.

With our unique capabilities we can pickup where others leave off.  Most systems

require a constant electrical connection and an Internet signal to provide

you a live feed.  Our systems simply need a reliable cellular signal and then

we do the rest.









  * On select systems only. Please call for details.


  • No Power Required*
  • No Internet Required*
  • 24 Hour Monitoring*
  • Text / Email Notification*
  • Live View Availability*
Security Camera Pic

System Features

Designed for any home or business.

Our security systems aren’t just state of the art – they are easy to use and are customizable to your unique lifestyle!


• Smoke and fire sensors  • Glass break sensors

• Motion detectors (pet-immune) • Window and door contactsFamily Touch Panel Pic

• Carbon monoxide detectors


Total control – at your fingertips.

 Attractive, easy-to-use keypads.

 Wireless key chain remotes.

 Real-time email/cell phone notifications.

 Backup communication when phone lines are down.

 Remote programming when you’re away from home.


Plus, get protection against gas leaks, pipe bursts and other common dangers with our Life Safety Devices.


24/7 monitoring, backed by trained professionals.

Whether you're home or away, our 24/7 monitoring center keeps your home protected at all hours.


At Custom Security Integrated, we invest as much in our people as we do our technology. From our security professionals to our emergency dispatchers, we back up our security systems with the best professionals in the business. And we do it with over 30 years of alarm-monitoring experience and expertise.

24/7 Monitoring

No system is complete without 24/7 monitoring.

An non-monitored alarm system is a disaster waiting to happen. That is why Custom Security Integrated provides affordable, hassle-free monitoring for every security system we offer. Whether you are at home or away, we will make sure your family, property or business is protected – day and night.


Over 30 years of monitoring experience & expertise.

Rest easy knowing your alarm system is monitored by the same award-winning Central Station thatSecurity Center Pic safeguards thousands of homes and businesses across the nation.


In fact, our Monitoring Center protects over $100 billion in property and assets, and secures the homes of more than 100,000 families.


24-hour alarm monitoring for burglary, fire, carbon monoxide and more.

Highly trained, tested and screened security dispatch operators.

UL-listed Residential & National Industrial Monitoring Center.

Awarded "5-Diamond" certification for highest standards in the industry Backed by Trained Professionals.


At Custom Integrated Security, we invest as much in our people as we do our technology. From our security specialists to our emergency dispatchers, we back up our security systems with the best professionals in the business.

CSAA Award Pic


Life Safety Devices

We'll look out for your family... in every way possible.

The most dangerous situations are always unexpected – but they're never unthinkable. That's why Custom Security Integrated offers intelligent solutions beyond just burglar alarms.


Ask yourself these 5 questions:

What would happen if smoke from a fire filled your bedroom at night – the blinding cloud and noxious fumes could render you unconscious before you know it.

What would you do?


How would anyone know you were in trouble if you were rendered unconscious by carbon monoxide?

What if your water heater burst while you were away from home or even asleep?

How much damage would it cause before you knew what had happened?


Smoke Detection: Smoke from a fire kills people more often than the fire does. It fills the room, blinds and literally chokes you to death. Electrical or battery-operated smoke detectors won't save you once you’re unable to move. With a Custom Security Integrated monitored security system, our monitoring center stands watch 24/7.


Water Sensor: Water might not seem like a threat, but it can quickly destroy everything you have. A broken water line or water heater can cause serious structural damage, as well as an electrical fire. Your water sensor will notify our monitoring center automatically, so we can alert you to the problem.


Carbon Monoxide: It's a silent killer: odorless, tasteless and highly toxic. Just a few minutes can Fire Fighters Picbe the difference between life and death. That's why a Custom Security Integrated CO detector provides early warning

of dangerous carbon monoxide levels. And if you can't react–we will. We receive a signal from your system and send the help you need.


Panic Alarms: Hear an intruder? Use our portable panic alarm to sound your alarm, which will immediately notify our monitoring center that you need help. It’s faster than dialing 911, and easier.


Gas Leak Detection: Even the smallest leak from a stove, oven or water heater can cause life-threatening explosions or inhalation injury. A Custom Security Integrated

natural gas detector offers early warning of a potential threat to you, your family and your property.


Medical Alarm: Feeling ill? Injured? Just push a button and we'll send the help you need immediately.

Our 24-hour monitoring center will swiftly dispatch emergency response teams.


Low Temperature Sensor: When the temperature drops below freezing in your home or business, pipes can crack or burst, costing you tens of thousands of dollars in damage. This system safeguards your property, triggering a signal at the first signs of freezing temperatures inside your property.


Stand-Alone Medical Alert System: An extra level of protection for parents and seniors, our medical alert system sends help with the push of a button. We'll communicate over your hands-free voice console and notify authorities right away. We'll also keep your medical history on-hand for emergency responders.

Medical Alert System

We'll look after you and your loved ones, 24/7.

A Custom Security Integrated Personal Emergency Response System gives your loved ones the medical attention they deserve–24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Feeling ill? Injured? Or simply uncomfortable? Just push the button on our lightweight, wireless pendant, and we’ll make sure you get the help you need. It's that easy.


Just one push of our wireless pendant provides:

Immediate response from trained dispatch specialists.

Hands-free communication with our 24/7 monitoring center.

Fast dispatch of appropriate response teams.

Our 2-way, hands-free voice response system makes it easy to talk to our trained dispatchers–from nearly anywhere in your home. In an emergency, our dispatch specialists will: 1) speak to you over the console, 2) quickly identify the problem, and 3) dispatch response teams immediately.


Even if you are unable to communicate, we have procedures to help you.

Pendants are lightweight, portable, and comfortable.

One easy-to-install system provides the security of

24-hour monitoring and

fast. emergency response.

And, since our pendants

are so light, they can go anywhere in your home and they’re virtually



• Ultra-lightweight • Wearable on the wrist or around the neck.

• Completely waterproof • Pre-programmed, ready-to-use.

• Connected 24/7 • Notifies monitoring center with 1 push.


Added protection for any situation.

Our monitoring center can give specific instructions to responders –

including prescriptions, medical history and doctor contact information. We’ll also alert family members, friends, or neighbors about your emergency.


• 3-year battery life in transmitters.

• Wireless range up to 400 feet.

• Automatic battery-check.

• Battery backup in console.

• Power & phone line failure warning.


Plus, extra accessories available.


• Carbon Monoxide & Smoke detectors.

• Bathroom/Nightstand "HELP" buttons.

• Additional Pendants for family members.

Mother Daughter Pic

Cameras / Home Automation / Home Theatre

Hight Definition Camera Systems:

Pre and Post-Alarm Video

View live video, video clips, and snapshots of the alarm event in 720p and 1080p. Tablet Pic


Why High Definition?

Unlike traditional analog cameras, our high definition systems allow you to zoom in on any camera without the pixelation associated with low resolution systems.  720p and 1080p resolution cameras give you the clarity that standard analog cameras simply cannot provide.


Live Streaming Video

View live video from one or multiple locations at once. Easy To Operate User Interface For Viewing Live on Your Phone, Tablet or PC!


Home Automation: Comfort, Control and Security

Easily control your Z-Wave installed devices for your home or business such

as thermostats, lights, door locks and more!  Set scenes like, enter your home and have the lights and temperature set perfectly for your arrival.

Get a video alert when your child gets home from school.  Unlock a door

or control your security system via your smart phone, tablet or PC!


Whether you're looking to save money, conserve energy or live a more comfortable life, CSI has a solution that can work with your lifestyle and budget and grow with your changing needs.  Give us a call for more details.


Home Theatre:

Whether you are looking for your state of the art home theatre movie room or just a couple

of speakers on the porch so you can relax and listen to yourHome Theater Pic favorite music, we have you covered.  Building your home? Planning ahead but are not sure about what equipment to install?  We can pre-wire your home now, so when you are ready the wires will be there!


Complete your state-of-the-art security setup by adding additional simple-to install, remotely accessible sensors and controllers.


Features and capabilities include:

Sensors immediately notify you when temperature changes outside of a present range, if there is a power outage or when water is detected.

Controllers let you turn lights and appliances on/off from anywhere or per your preset schedules.

Remote thermostat lets you monitor and control the temperature in your home.

Pre and Post-Alarm video.

View live video, video clips, and snapshots of alarm events.


Security Enhanced

Instant notification when an alarm is triggered. When your security system is

triggered and sends an alert to the central station, YOU will also receive an INSTANT alert on your web-enable mobile phone and PC.

Our simple, inexpensive, and feature-rich Universal Security System Upgrade keeps you Safe, Secure, In-Touch, and In-Control from Anywhere, Anytime.


        Call and start your smart home security experience today!



Camera Systems Manuals

HDCVI Standalone DVR User’s Manual

Network Video Recorder User’sManual



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